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Fong’s experiential & discussion based workshops bravely explore problematic elements prevalent in daily life, while equipping participants with skills & tools to unearth their own healing & create the change they wish to see in themselves & in the world. because Change is a collective effort, independent of context, these workshops can be customized for any audience, including University & High School students, Corporate professionals, or Educators.

“Activism is not a Sprint, it is a Lifetime Marathon” Practicing Self-care to stay in the movement

Duration: 50mins - 2hrs

Target Audience: College Student Leaders, Higher Education Professionals, Community Organizers, Nonprofits

This experiential workshop first grounds the concept of self-care as activism to help participants understand its necessity. We will then identify weak forms of self-care that are unintentional, ineffective and sometimes, toxic. Participants will practice authentic and meaningful forms of taking care of self to prevent unproductive cynicism and community burnout. Ultimately leading us to stay motivated, focused and effective as agents of change.


Creating a Globally inclusive Office Culture: Fundamentals in Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion

Duration: 1.5hrs - 3hrs
Target Audience: Corporate, Non-profit Organizations, Professionals

This experiential and discussion-based training will explore basic social justice frameworks and how they are applied in the workplace, community and daily life. Attendees must be prepared to critically examine their own application and values of inclusion and equity.


“Reclaim Stories/ Reclaim Self” Finding the Meaning in your Writing.

Duration: 50mins - 90mins

Target Audience: General

This interactive writing workshop is geared toward individuals that are developing, redeveloping or continuing their journey into creative writing and expression. Exploring the roots of meaningful narrative and how they are essential to anyone’s life. Participants will be given strategies, tools and community to assist you in their rediscovery.


The Personal is Political, the Political is Personal

Duration: 50mins - 2hrs

Target Audience: High School and College Age Student
An interactive workshop on inspiring civic and community engagement about young people.

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